I’m Lynne

My passion is helping other midlife women thrive by using meditation, personal development, movement and nutrition to create energy and boost confidence!

Whether you have lost your sense of purpose, want to become an entrepreneur, want to shift a gear in your career or want to focus on wellbeing or weight loss, together we can get results.

My Story

As a teenager I suffered from social anxiety and my way of seeking acceptance at school was to control what I ate - if I was the thinnest person in the class people might like me! When I went to university I discovered alcohol and rugby and all of a sudden I felt accepted. But, as I bounced from lessons to work to parties my immune system took a real hit and I was tired all the time!

After university I joined the Royal Navy and so spent a great amount of time proving myself worthy of acceptance into a male dominated culture where again alcohol was front and centre. In 2005 I met my now husband and by 2007 we were married. We had our eldest boy soon after and 17 month later came our youngest boy. This was followed by a decade of my husband and being deployed and me single handedly comping with a full-time job and 2 under 2 - I was tired all the time!

My pangs of anxiety returned as I strived to be the perfect wife, mum and home-keeper whilst trying to pursue ambitious career goals - I had two spells on anti-depressants to tame the overwhelm but still the result was burn out! In 2012 I could see no alternative but to file for redundancy from the job I loved and so I started a two year career break to be a full time mummy to my gorgeous boys. I started running for sanity and eventually ran a marathon or two before injury stopped me in my tracks and wine became my crutch again.

In a world where busy is a badge of honour, and stress is the currency of success, I knew I had to do something to become more resilient so as I prepared to return to the world of work I started reading and listening to personal development books and podcasts. One of the first books I read was Thrive by Arianna Huffington and it was the catalyst to my putting health and wellness central in my definition of success!

Since then I have devoted time most mornings to my transformational MAGPIE Morning routine and as a result have catapulted myself into the field of helping other women create resilience through meditation, movement and nutrition.

In 2019, I partnered with a company that provides a platform of workouts, nutrition training and meditations so I could better support women of ambition like me! Weight loss is rarely the sole focus when I work with my clients but it comes as a result of practicing self love and mindfulness.

Whether you want to join me in my accountability group or join my team and inspire others, I look forward to having you in my Your Moveique Life Community - a community where every woman is encouraged to dream big and move their unique life forward!


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