Want to find out more about my next accountability group?

Please complete this enquiry form to the best of your ability and I will be in touch so we can discuss the best program options for you!

Want information on my next accountability group? Check it out below:

Please complete this form to the best of your ability and I will be in touch so we can discuss the best program options for you!

What do you get when you join one of my accountability groups?

For my fitness and nutrition programmes I partner with a company who provide world class programmes designed and delivered by world class super trainers.

Whether you're inspired by line dancing, ballet, step aerobics, boxing, lifting, yoga, meditation or family workouts there is something for you!

Our Your Moveique Life Memberships come with a 12-month subscription to our health and wellness platform providing access to:

- 60+ workout programmes (3-100 day programmes with simple nutrition plans)

- workout calendars

- 2 nutritional training programmes (1:1 nutritional support also available)

- tasty, nutritious recipes

- a month's trial of our amazing superfood drink or performance lines

- Membership of my Your Moveique Life Community for daily and weekly accountability and inspiration

Prices vary so if you'd like to find out more drop your details into the enquiry form.


"When I first joined Lynne I wanted to go all in but she asked me to slow down so it didn't turn into another short-lived fad! I've tried so many different approaches in the past without success but now I prioritise time each morning to workout and on a weekend to meal prep I know I'm set up to succeed.' Catherine K

"I was a sceptic at first as I didn't lose weight as quickly as I thought I would! Lynne had to tell me to be patient as my body adjusted to the new self care approach to weight management. Once my body trusted me more, it changed shape rather than lost weight - I'm so glad Lynne made me take my before photos so I could see the difference!" Flora R

"At first I though portion control was a diet - surely smaller portions was restrictive! But then I realised it's a learning process and actually portion guidelines are there to make sure you eat enough not too much!" Christa S

"I've always had a love:hate relationship with food but through patience and learning I now know how to keep my body healthy and strong.' Donna B


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